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  • FAQs

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    Who are you most skilled to work with?

    My background and training is primarily supporting survivors of trauma – including domestic violence, sexual assault, and young adult / adult survivors of child abuse.

    The majority of my experience is with women and LGBTQ-identified individuals.

    What ages do you work with?

    I work with individuals who are 18+.

    What is the structure of therapy?

    Individual sessions take place on a regular basis, for 50 – 55 minutes. Depending on our shared agreement, these sessions may occur weekly, or bi-weekly.

    How do I get started? What does the beginning of treatment look like?

    I offer a 20-minute complimentary session to address any questions you may have. Once you begin as a client, you will receive an invitation to a client portal to complete initial forms / paperwork / payment information.

    Overall, I consider the first 1 – 3 sessions as an opportunity to assess fit. The first session particularly focuses on your background, concerns, and goals for therapy. This is also a moment for us to begin getting to know one another – and explore if we will work well together.

    If, during this initial period (or at any point), it does not feel like a fit, I am happy to offer referrals.

    What can I expect from therapy?

    Therapy offers a space to begin to move through your trauma. This may mean approaching past events in your life, and recognizing their effect. It may mean building up new skills, support strategies, and coping tools. It may mean challenging negative core beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

    Because of the sensitivity around trauma work, I adjust the direction and pace based on what feels best to you. I also understand that the relationship between therapist and client is a critical foundation on which we can begin to address difficult topics. It may take time to build this relationship into one of trust and safety.

    We will work together to explore what feels best and safest for you, while moving towards and through the impact of harmful experiences.

    What is the cost of therapy? Do you take insurance?

    See the ‘rates & insurance page’ for this information.

    What are your hours?

    My hours are generally Monday – Thursday, 10am – 5pm (last available session beginning at 4pm).

    How does telehealth work?

    I offer telehealth services via HIPAA-compliant video conferencing (Zoom). See the ‘telehealth’ page for more information.

    Where can I go for crisis support?

    If you are experiencing an active mental health crisis, please call Crisis Connections at 866-427-4747. If you are experiencing an active domestic violence crisis, please call the DV Hopeline at 206-737-0242.