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  • Clinical Supervision

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    I am an approved clinical supervisor in the State of Washington.

    Reflective Supervision

    I believe strongly in a reflective style of supervision – encouraging clinicians to be curious and open about their own (professional or personal) experiences, and the related impact. I do not believe our lives stop when we walk through an office door. Practitioners are whole people – and therefore deserve a space to hold whatever is emerging.

    Addressing and Protecting from Vicarious Trauma

    Mental health professionals are particularly vulnerable to vicarious trauma. This can lead to compassion fatigue and even burnout. We have all come to this profession, because of strong values and a desire to help. But sometimes, the risk factors that contribute to secondary trauma can become overwhelming and disconnecting.

    Supportive clinical supervision can offer protection around this. If you visualize ripples when a rock lands in water… The client experience is at the center. The therapist holding space is the first ring. Supervision and support for the clinician offers that outer ring. It is part of the net to help hold all that is coming up in therapy.


    If you are an associate and require hours towards licensure, or are an independently licensed clinician who would benefit from dedicated supervision, please get in touch.

    My rate is $120 / hr for clinical supervision. I am happy to help support you in your work and growth as a professional.